Provide Your Guests with Easy Access to Their Cash

Dedication to providing a memorable hospitality experience is all about having the best resources to offer to your guests. With US ATM, Hotels and Motels can help guests get access to their cash quickly and easily! We are here to manage and maintain our self-serving machines so you can focus on providing the best hospitality possible. Studies show that 25% of transactions pulled from an ATM are then spent on site. Therefore, not only is it a convenience to your guests, but a profitable asset to your business. Our ATM machines can be placed anywhere on your property and in multiple locations if needed! With our placement and servicing solutions, guests will have an additional reason to choose to stay at your location

Complimentary Set Up

With US ATM you do not pay an upfront cost to start making money. Our teams ensure that your machines are set up with ease and are ready for customers with no cost to you!

Optimized Cash Inventory

Have you ever tried to use an ATM machine and couldn’t pull as much cash as you needed? US ATM combats this issue by ensuring that each ATM is fully stocked 24/7.

Servicing You Can Count On

ATM machines can only be as profitable as their performance allows. US ATM will take care of all servicing needs to make sure that your machines are working as best as they can.

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