At US ATM Group, we collaborate with financial institutions to develop situation-specific solutions, products, and services designed to maximize operating efficiency. Our value proposition to the financial viability of these institutions includes digital marketing solutions, ATM placement, and branding.

ATM Outsourcing

We provide vital services to Financial institutions looking to transition their fleet to an independent ATM deployer for ATM outsourcing and management. Through our unique approach, we provide Financial Institutions with several long-term benefits:

  • Lower maintenance costs to improve cash flow
  • Job automation
  • Increased security and performance
  • Reduced liability and burden

ATM Branding

Increase revenue, loyalty, and store traffic while targeting your desired market segment with ATM branding. At US ATM Group, we provide cutting-edge branding services for financial institutions. These services allow you to place your bank’s brand on our ATM and give your cardholders surcharge-free access. By using our services, you control the customer experience without having to invest in machine purchasing and maintenance.

Choose from any of our convenient locations to brand the ATM with your bank’s marketing and logos. Our partners provide input into the design of the machine, including the screen layout, wrapping, and receipts all for a simple flat fee.

Our branding program provides guaranteed SLA performance with no additional investments in hardware. Furthermore, there are no ongoing operating or capital costs required to expand network coverage or find locations. We also provide turnkey placement, processing, maintenance, management, armored, and communication services.

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